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Track keyword rankings daily/weekly/monthly, with the ability to drill down results by keyword, device, operating system, and location.

Track your rankings, and identify new opportunities

Monitor and track the performance of specific keywords on your website, giving you valuable insights into how well your website is ranking for those keywords and how they are driving traffic to your site. By using our keyword tracking software, you can make informed decisions about your SEO strategy and improve your website’s visibility and performance in search results.

See which SERP features your website ranks for

Other keyword trackers only look at organic text SERP features. With Ascendant, you can keep track of all SERP features your website is ranking for. Including, but not limited to: answer box, featured snippets, Google posts, Google reviews, images, knowledge graph, local services, people also ask, and more.

The best keyword insights

Utilize our data to gain a thorough understanding of your audience search intent, your competitors, and the potential for ranking each keyword.

Search Volume

Get local and national search volume for your selected keywords.

AI Keyword Intent

AI analyzes the SERP and provides you with up-to-date keyword intent to best optimize your strategies.

Keyword Trends

Track all your keywords over time to analyze ranking trends and forecast future keyword trends with AI.

SERP Features

See how your keywords show up in Organic results, Map packs, Featured Snippets, Paid Ads, Knowledge graph, etc…

Keyword Tracking and actionable insights for cheaper

Our keyword tracker provides more features and insights and costs up to 50% less than the other leading keyword tracking companies. We are continuously improving and optimizing our software. We also listen to our users and build tools to address their pain-points.  Save money and

Unlimited Geolocations

Interactive Dashboard

API Access

Easy Data Migration

Unlimited Users


Unlimited Projects

Your SEO co-pilots are waiting for you

Armed with tech expertise and a knack for deciphering digital marketing complexities, we're here to guide you. We offer not just a software solution, but a partnership aimed at propelling you ahead in the dynamic digital marketing landscape. Together, we'll tackle digital marketing challenges and conquer your digital marketing campaigns.



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