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Ascendant SEO Affiliate Program in Denver

Ascendant SEO stands at the forefront of SEO software solutions. Continuously evolving, we offer cutting-edge tools for rank tracking, analytics, research, and other marketing software tools.

Affiliate Program – Key Benefits

  • 15% ongoing commission for new purchases and all renewals.
  • 120 day cookie – you get credit for the referral if the user comes back within 120 days.
  • Easy sign-up, no start-up costs – Signup takes just a few minutes, then you’re ready to start earning commission.
  • Support throughout the sales processes – We are here to help and support you every step of the way.

How it works

1. Sign up for an affiliate account

Register with our affiliate site. Once processed, you will be able to create an affiliate link that can be used to promote our products

2. Place the link on your website

You can use any type of text, image, or video element to link back to our website.

3. Refer clients from your website

Each time a visitor is referred to our website using your link, a unique cookie is injected into their browser and stays active for 120 days. If a visitor makes a purchase during that 120 day period, your account will be credited for 20% of the subscription price.

4. Get paid for the sales your refer

Commissions are paid by Paypal, Wise, or other methods if desired. Commissions are paid 45 days after the purchase is made. A minimum of 100 USD is required, otherwise the value of the commissions will be rolled over to the following.

Affiliate Program FAQs

Who can join the Affiliate Program?

We happily accept marketing agencies, professionals, industry bloggers, business resource platforms, and all who use or endorse Ascendant SEO.

All affiliate requests are manually reviewed. We will not remove low quality or non-industry related sites.

What are the commission levels?

Our products have a 15% commission for new purchases and renewal orders. Commissions can be custom tailored depending on the sales volume achieved.

When will I be paid for my sales?

We pay the commission to our resellers in 45 days from the time of the purchase, by PayPal, Wise, or any other agreed means. In order to transfer the commission, a minimum month target of 100 USD has to be reached. If this target amount is not reached, the commission is reported for the following month.

How much does it cost to become an affiliate?

Signing-up as an affiliate is absolutely free. We don’t charge setup fees or start up costs, and there isn’t any hidden fees or performance targets to reach.

How do you track my referral sales?

Signing-up as an affiliate is absolutely free. We don’t charge setup fees or start up costs, and there isn’t any hidden fees or performance targets to reach.

Search Marketing Policy

You may not use and / or purchase brand keywords or phrases that include Ascendant SEO or Ascendant Software, or any combination or variation thereof, including the domain names:


Do not use “coupon”, “deal”, “discount”, “promo” or any similar keyword or variation in paid search or organic search campaigns.

You may not purchase keywords that violate the intellectual property rights of Ascendant SEO and/or any third party.

All keywords that you purchase in connection with a search marketing campaign must have some nexus to its corresponding search marketing content so as not to be misleading, and meet the additional criteria specified by the applicable Advertiser (if any).

Any and all search marketing content utilized by You must comply with all applicable federal, state, local, provincial, and foreign laws, rules, and regulations, as well as the applicable rules, policies, and procedures of any search engine.

Ascendant SEO strictly prohibits the display of potentially misleading terms in any search marketing content. All search marketing content utilized by You in connection with a search marketing campaign must be consistent, from the creative to the corresponding landing pages, confirmation pages and/or other webpages that are linked to such creative so as not to be misleading.

You may not offer any unauthorized promotions, discounts, coupons or other incentives with the purpose to direct traffic through your affiliate link.

You must not falsely represent or imply to be an affiliate of Ascendant SEO in any way, without our approval.

Furthermore, Your search marketing content must not falsely represent or imply that You are associated with or certified by any third-party (e.g., You are an “Official Partner” of a brand or other entity).


Trademark Usage Policy

The use of Ascendant SEO name or logo is made in accordance with Chapter 6. Intellectual Property Rights of Ascendant Terms of Service.

Written permission from Ascendant SEO is required to use the Ascendant SEO name or logo as part of any affiliate promotion campaign. Please contact us on if you would like to inquire about permission for use.

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